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Speaking & Appearances Elsewhere

Speaking engagements, interview and appearances of Elif Hiz


Delivered a webinar in partnership with Superside: How Big Brands Can Leverage the Power of Content Creators

Joined Neol team to talk about Purposeful Creativity in Web3.

Videos, Podcasts & Interviews

Expert Panel by Web3 Academy: How Web3 Marketing is Changing Everything

Joined Joanna Yung to talk about what NFT marketing is and how NFT is shaping the future of marketing.

Mark Robinson's guest on the Marketing in the Metaverse Podcast: NFT Marketing & Web3 Marketing Opportunities

Interview on Web3 Marketing for CNNTurk, one of the biggest media outlets in Turkey

Cigdem Oztabak's guest on the Meta Cafe Podcast: NFT Marketing and Community Management

From The Archives

My blog on DigitalMarketer.com covering my elssons learned after 2 years on YouTube.

My blog post for ThinkInk's blog on building a contact database post-GDPR.

My blog posts on Wings4U's blog

My blog posts on Harvard Business Review Turkey (in Turkish)