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B2B Ads Don't Have to Be Boring

If you agree that B2B ads are boring but don't know how to infuse the B2C creative flair into your B2B ads, read on. Dive into this post where we challenge the status quo of B2B advertising and explore fresh strategies.
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I've been in the B2B space for a while, but in my new role, I'm deep into planning and executing marketing campaigns daily. And here's something I've noticed: B2C ads often dazzle with their vibrant visuals and catchy narratives. In contrast, many B2B ads seem to stick to a predictable script, heavy on specs and often lacking in creativity. Branded, monotonous, and repetitive.

Why this gap? Why can't B2B ads be as captivating as their B2C counterparts?

I believe it's time to shake things up. As I delve deeper into B2B campaign planning, I'm on a mission to bring some of that B2C flair into our world.

Here are four ways I keep myself updated, challenged, and inspired so I can help create better B2B marketing campaigns:

1. Building a Swipe File

Every innovative creator needs inspiration. For me, swipe files have been a game-changer and I recently created a new B2B ads swipe file. Whenever an ad stands out or resonates with me, it goes into this file. To make it even easier for the future me browsing this folder for ideas, I rename the images with a few keywords to remind me what I liked about them and the type of ad.

This collection is a constant source of inspiration and a testament to the evolving landscape of B2B advertising.

2. Exploring LinkedIn's Ad Library

Diving into the LinkedIn Ad Library has been like opening a treasure chest. You can take a tour of your competitor or partners' ad plays, or browse ads by keyword or company. Giant library of ads to browse through, take lessons, and get inspired.

3. Engaging with Contrarian Thinkers

There's a fresh wave of B2B thought leaders out there who aren't just going with the flow. They're challenging, questioning, and reshaping the way we think about B2B marketing. Voices like Dave Gerhardt, Chris Walker, and Amrita Mathur have been instrumental in broadening my perspective and inspiring me to think outside the traditional B2B box. Not gonna lie, their content also makes me feel seen. :) I'm not alone.

I've been following and engaging with their content for years now and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in challenging the legacy approaches in the B2B space.

4. Drawing Inspiration from D2C

The Direct-to-Consumer space is a hotbed of innovation and creativity. By observing and learning from experts like Dara Denney and Aazar Ali Shad, I've discovered that many D2C strategies can be adapted and transformed to resonate in the B2B space. It's all about understanding the core principles that drive engagement and applying them in our unique context. Their breakdown of successful and failed ads have really helped me understand the intricacies of ad creatives.

The B2B Ad Revolution?

It's time we stopped seeing B2B as the less glamorous cousin of B2C. With the right approach, tools, and mindset, B2B ads can be just as compelling, engaging, and effective. As I continue on this journey, I'm excited about the possibility of influencing the launch of a killer B2B marketing campaign.

Your Turn:
I'm eager to hear from fellow B2B marketers. How are you challenging the status quo? What tools, strategies, or insights are you using to craft campaigns that stand out and make an impact?

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