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Secret to the best first week in a new job

Secret to the best first week in a new job

I've had the best first week in a new job I've ever had in my career. As I prepare for the next week, here's a recap of why this week was amazing so you can replicate it:

1️⃣ I locked space for things that are essential in my personal life:
- my workouts
- eating healthy
- sleeping 7-8 hours
- journaling
- time with my family
- WFH half of the week

This enables me to be healthy and at my best for work.

2️⃣ I’m following my job onboarding best practices:
- reviewed all documents to get me up to speed on the business, branding, manuals
- got access to all tools I need
- recorded and organized my notes, findings, handy docs, links
- scheduled time with every team member to meet and find out how we can support each other
- came up with my 30-60-90 day plan

This helps to set a strong foundation and gets me moving faster towards my goals and actions.

Getting to this point took me nearly a decade. It can take you much less. Know your priorities, have a plan and take action. That's about it.

P.S. Here's my reflection on managing FT work and a side hustle if you're interested.  

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