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How to be Consistent and Create Habits That Stick [VIDEO]

How to be Consistent and Create Habits That Stick [VIDEO]
How to be Consistent and Create Habits That Stick

Why is it so difficult to adopt new habits and make them stick? Whether it is waking up at 6 AM every morning, eating healthy, working out or anything that comes to mind for that matter, many of us struggle to stay consistent and create habits that come naturally. I’ve personally struggled with this subject for most of my life. Oddly enough, it doesn’t matter if the habit is a small or big one – I would still find it challenging (and still to this day can find it challenging to establish new ones –  it’s a work in progress) and have trouble getting myself to continue at it.

After researching, learning and practicing for so many years, I finally feel I have gotten to the bottom of it and discovered some methods that have worked for me! They’re not the cliche tactics that I’ve seen being mentioned on most content available. They’re not magical either, but they have worked on my very resistant self and I think have the potential to work for you if you commit and practice.

I share the details with examples in the video below, but here is a very quick snapshot of the 3 tips. If you’re on a mission to create habits, I strongly suggest to watch the full video.

3 key tips to being more consistent and creating habits that stick:

Start small

Embrace small things in your life to get you started. Don’t challenge yourself with a huge task.

Identify why you give up

What were your reasons of quitting. Is it too challenging? Too time consuming? Remember your WHY.

Change your mindset & trust yourself

Appreciate what you are doing instead of criticizing. Being your own self-critique can sometimes be helpful, but it isn’t a good motivator.

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How to Create habits and be consistent