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I launched a video series at work - here are the results

I launched a video series at work - here are the results

I started building a video asset library for work a month ago. I don't know if it converted into leads yet, but I know I'm onto something and I want to keep going.

Here's why I chose to launch a video series as a solo marketer, the results I've seen so far and what you can learn from it...

I needed a content format that:

  • I would be comfortable creating myself (I have experience from YouTube)
  • is easy to record and required minimal effort to edit
  • is versatile and could be repurposed into 100s of different pieces
  • would hit many birds with one stone

My goals:

  • build brand awareness (we had very little due to being new in the local market)
  • give spotlight to founders and businesses in our portfolio
  • collect testimonials and have social proof for our program offer
  • build a content library to activate social channels, use in marketing and sales assets (emails, newsletters, brochures, outreach)

Why I chose YouTube and an interview format:

  • YouTube was not leveraged enough by the global brand
  • YouTube is a powerful search engine and I saw an opportunity to leverage searched keywords
  • a video can be turned into all kinds of formats very easily: blog, podcast, newsletter, email, social copy, carousel, shorts, etc.
  • interviews highlight the guest
  • easy to film via Zoom and decent audio & video
  • much less effort than producing original educational or entertainment content
  • requires minimal editing

Tools I used:

Zoom: Video & audio recording

Descript: for the entire editing process: editing, cutting clips, embedding captions, exporting transcripts

Canva: thumbnails for YouTube and hero image for blog

In 2 months, I was able to create 4 long-form interview videos with our founders and 12+ short-form clips.

Here are the results so far:

🔥 Videos generated 2K+ views on YouTube alone
🚀 Social posts with these videos received 2x more impressions and engagement than average posts
💥 We have 1 video on the first results page on Google for a relatively important brand keyword search
📣 We now have 4 great testimonials which I was able to blast across many channels
🏎️ More engaged founders with our brand who also amplified the message to their networks

We're just getting started. Video is a long-term game and the content is evergreen.


If you are working with very limited resources or as a solo-marketer like me, interview videos are a great way to build your content library, get bigger return on your time and hit multiple goals with one stone.

Creating videos is a lot of work but as you'll notice... I have high conviction in this. :)

Let me know your thoughts!

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